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Sanjana Puri invited me to share some Needs Consciousness with children ages 8 to 14 on March 29, 2018.  Sanjana serves as Albert  Schweitzer Fellow at CHAT - Culture of Health Advancing Together, a nonprofit founded by Dr. Aisha Siddiqui.  CHAT empowers refugees in the Gulfton area.  

CHAT with Bren 2.jpeg
Group at G O D in manvel June 15

June 15, 2018,  Susan Wildin helped me to bring a Compassionate Communication workshop to the children ages 9-12  attending the Traditional Treasures Summer Camp conducted by Global Organization for Divinity. Afterward, the children then shared a mini workshop with their parents introducing them to NVC.

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SUPPORT for you

Practicing a new way of communicating often presents a fair bit of challenge. To support people in their ongoing learning and integration of the NVC process, I invite you to freely download and print the 2 resources below.

1. An Overview of the NVC Practice Process
This one page suggests that we first listen to our “jackal” thinking and translate that into our feelings and needs to get self-connected.  If we find inside ourselves an intention to Connect (not correct or make a case) with the other person, then we can use this to “practice” how the conversation might go.

2. The Emergency PAUSE card

Printing Tip: print 2-sided on card stock; makes 3 cards per page
Suggested Use:
Place this card wherever you might get triggered and it is crucial that you not “bite the hook” because what you really intend is to create a relationship with more care and consideration.  When we are learning a new way of communicating, we can expect to have some challenging situations. This card will help you halt the old habit and take a PAUSE so you can come from the energy of your intended healthier pattern.  In a charged moment, just hold the card in front of you and read aloud the side that says BREATHE and “ I need to stop right now ..."

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