'cause everyone needs a good listen' to'.

New!! Empathy Practice Circle starting August 20 and every Thursday from 1pm to 2:30pm using ZOOM.

We will focus on "what's alive" and add a few lessons/practice of other NVC skills as is wanted by the group.  This is a general practice for beginners and intermediate students of NVC.

To register, please use this link:

Cost:  My request right now is for a donation be made to as this is a critical time for CNVC to continue contributing leadership to the world.  

MON/ WED Morning Empathy Practice Group  that started in April 2020 continues.  If you want join this women's practice group, please email me.  

The Power of Empathy- 5 on-line sessions with Bren Hardt, CNVC certified facilitator

Starts September 12.

You may already have discovered the magic potion that empathy is for relationships... indeed, empathy is the glue of our entire society.

Join me for 5 sessions as we delve into the superpower of empathy for healing ourselves and healing our planet.

Dates: Saturday, September 12; (then 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10.) Tentative time: 10am - noon

Request:  $99 or sliding scale based on your needs/my needs. Please email me and I am so happy to discuss. I want all people to get this information.  As an alternative, you can make a donation directly to, a non-profit, and I’d enjoy learning of that donation.


For more information, go to or email Bren at

Registration link

WHY tune into an EMPATHY CIRCLE?

Empathy is the glue of society.  It builds everything we cherish: trust, honesty, compassion, and cooperation.  Although hard-wired in our brains, practicing empathic listening, increases our skills.

During this Pandemic time and the stresses and tragedies we are facing, we need to be heard with respectful understanding more than ever.

If you long to deepen personal relationships, prevent mis-communication, connect with those a bit different from you, and increase positive social behavior that sustains us all, practice empathy.

EMPATHY CIRCLES support meaningful and constructive dialogue and each person feels heard to their satisfaction.   

Recent Workshops with Bren

March 9, 2019 I hosted a all day workshop called BUILDING SOLID RELATIONSHIPS at my Brenham home.  Photo of a few of the participants.

Bren’s presentation “Keep the Life Flowing” to our seniors group in Sugar Land was very effective and very helpful in learning new ways of building better relationships with people around us. Bren kept us all thinking and participating throughout the presentation which everyone enjoyed thoroughly . She inspired us and provided tools to apply in our daily life activities to connect to each other and identify the true needs of each other. Her message of how a non violent communication can help bring the real peace and love for all will stay with us for a long time.

A K Subramanian Ph.D.

Coordinator, Desi Seniors Group, Sugar Land, Texas-- July 2019

ONGO - a 12 week practice of NVC and meditation

In 2019, I hosted 2 sessions!  What a remarkable experience.  Learn about this and you may be inspired to organize your own community to do this spiritual journey together.  Much appreciation to authors of the book:  Jesse Weins and Catherine Cadden.

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